Friday, June 19, 2009


Today is Fran day. I posted the video yesterday, so I hope everyone got to watch it. Sub 2 minute Fran is an amazing physical feat.
Let's get some things straight here though. Some people will consider Fran the "Mecca" of Crossfit, a sort of "Crossfit Championship"; However, Fran isn't this. It is just another workout that Crossfitters do to create a well rounded, physically prepared athlete. I compare the way people look at Fran, to the way people at Big Gyms look at bench press. One of the first questions asked is always "What's your bench?" in a big gym, and one of the first questions asked when Crossfitters get together is "What's your Fran time?"

It's not that important. While it would be great if we could all post Sub 2's and Sub 3's, it's not the make or break workout. The whole point of Crossfit is to be good across different athletic endeavors. Therefore, we're going to do Fran today, and everyone is going to put emphasis to its importance, but it's just another workout.

On that note: Today's WOD:

Thrusters 95 lbs/65lbs

Let's get some good work done, and remember, around 80% of physical composition and performance is coming from what your putting in your bodies. We all need to eat better to get better.

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