Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crossfit Houston Summer Challenge

So Sunday is a rest day, but I wanted to say congrats to some people from the competition. First, congrats to Becky, she got 1st after only 3 months of Crossfitting. Then I want to also say congrats to my bro as well as the guys that finished in the Top 3 of the competition.

Men Standard:
1st Vic Zachary (Crossfit Games Qualifier)
2nd Anthony Mungioli (correct my spelling) (Dude is a beast! BIG UP's to this guy)
3rd Scott Wells (I think his first name was Scott) (Beast as well)

Another notable at the competition was Spencer Nix.

It was a really fun and good time. David De Leon came out as well as Dennis Martinez and of course Jake. There presence was much appreciated. I will say that everyone, even the spectators had to endure some crazy heat. It was basically like a garage, with no air flowing through in Houston humidity. Everyone was sweating. I ended up placing around 8th or 9th, and was pretty happy to break the Top 10. I also wanna give a shout to all the guys that showed up from Crossfit Laredo: Phil, Marco Polo, Matt, and Nicole represented Laredo well. All beasty performances. There is supposed to be a Crossfit Laredo Games Challenge in the last week of July. I encourage everyone to come out and take a shot at competing at this challenge. It'll definitely be fun. It's crazy to think how far Crossfit has come along. My friend David talked about a competition last year at which the only spectators were his parents. This competition had guys lounging around, enjoying the sport, and having some beers. All fun. I'll post some pictures of the event soon, just got to get them on my computer. Have a nice rest day.

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