Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This WOD is a repeat from a month ago...it was exactly a month ago that we did it, lets see if we've gotten any improvement, for those of you that were doing lighter weight, I want to bump it up.

So So good work, keep it going.

3 rounds:
Run 400m
5 push jerks
10 burpees

15 minute cutoff

Work on snatches/OH squat as a skill

Good job everyone again...damn hard work out...kind of sucked don't ya think?

Jake (115 lbs) - 8:03
Diego (115 lbs) - 8:20
Becky (75 lbs) - 8:30
Mario (95 lbs) - 8:50
Mike (175 lbs) - 8:54
Javi (175 lbs) - 9:30 So good work, keep it going.

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