Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can everyone say PR?

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."
- Arthur C. Clarke

That effort today was awesome. In one month we've all gotten stronger and faster. I like that because everyday we are working on weaknesses and building our strengths so that we can have great work capacity. Dutch Lowy, a beast Crossfitter, once said in an interview that he trains so that he can move heavy shit and move his body quickly. So, when we train, that is what we are trying to do everytime, and today we all did that.
Like I said in the previous post, everyday we are working to get better for the competition on July 25th. So, over the next three weeks, I'm going to be pushing everyone to what I forsee is their limit. I can't do this alone though, we all have to band together and push each other every day. As much as we compete against one another everyday, at the end of the day we're a team/family.

So that being said, here is what will be going on over the remainder of this week. First, I'll be going out of town after the workouts tomorrow to go look for apartments in Austin. That means Thursday is being declared a rest day....but don't get too excited. The plans for Friday and Saturday are double WOD. The WOD's won't be determined by me, but we will be working with the WOD's that are provided by the 2009 Crossfit Games. Start eating right, and start planning for two days of hell. Afterwards, Saturday is the birth date of BIG BAD BEX. We will be partying that night (Saturday) at the Bleu Room, everyone should go.

Burping Jackie:
1000m row
50 thrusters (bar)
30 burpees

Order in which people will go:
1 - Mario, Diego
2 - Jake, Mike
3 - Javi, Becky


  1. Yessssssss! The Bleu Room! You are the greatest.

  2. Becky's comments never relate to the WOD...only to these side notes

  3. hahaha. So what!!?? At least I comment.