Monday, July 6, 2009

Gearing up for competition - First place Big Bad Bex

Picture from Crossfit Houston Summer Challenge


Workout of the Day.
So how many of ya'll out there, see a workout and immediately cringe because your not sure you'll be able to perform the weight as Rx or the reps as Rx? Well, tonight I was sitting here in my bed and really wanting to put something together that would best prepare us for what we might be facing in a competition. Then it got me thinking about how I react when I see what WOD's are posted for Competitions. Before I get into what our WOD is, I'm going to tell you about a couple of times that had me crapping my pants. It was a couple of days before the Austin Fittest Games Challenge Championship, and the WODs were posted. First WOD, Phat Running Cindy, what was it? 4 rounds for time of: run 400m, 5 chest to bar pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats (115 lbs). I thought, ok that's not so bad because it was nothing I hadn't seen in the past. Then WOD 2, this is where I crapped my pants. WOD 2, 20 minute cutoff: Row 500m, 10 SQUAT CLEANS (155 lbs), 2 C2B pullups, 8 cleans, 4 C2B.........Row 500m.

I was scared, I immediately went home and started practicing my cleans and even went to an olympic lifting coach to work on my cleans. I ended up finishing the workout in the cutoff time, but didn't perform as well as I wanted. I did however perform to the best of my ability at the time. So I'm telling this story because in life, or in a WOD we will always be faced with something we think we CAN'T do. This defeatist attitude won't get you better though, it is better to fail and have tried then to not have tried at all. WE all need to get better.

As we get ready for competition, I was thinking we should all get cool nicknames. All suggestions will be taken throughout the week, here is what I have so far.

Jake - Iceman
Diego - Al Chile or (AC)
Becky - Big Bad Bex
Mario - Illy
Mike - ???? <----help me out here


Run 800m
21 deadlifts (Rx 275, 150)
21 clapping pushups
21 pullups
Run 400m
15 deadlifts
15 clapping pushups
15 pullups
Run 200m
9 deadlifts
9 clapping pushups
9 pullups

First WOD of the week, get it done.

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